"Working primarily with analog and film technology, photographer Tj Nelson Jr. focuses on recording everyday life. Nodding to the intention imbued in the medium in post-depression photography, Nelson observes life from the ground—capturing subjects by being of and among them. Film by nature requires being there: to document a fleeting moment without the ability to correct and reshoot yields a different candor that may or may not be timeless, and may or may not be notable. Marking the times and specific events with this uninhibited directness and presence is important to Nelson’s working method. Technical acuity, intent and intuition fold in an action that is not so much snapping pictures but relaying missives from quiet or unmapped corners of life as he transits them." -- Cara Despain

Currently living and working in Salt Lake City, UT.
(801) 448-6408


2012 “Rising Stars for 2012” In Magazine | Salt Lake City, UT

2015 "Small Lake City" Salt Lake Tribune | Salt Lake City, UT

2015 "Plated In Gold" SLUG Magazine | Salt Lake City, UT


2009 ”I Wish Things Were Different / Cut Offs” | collab | video, watercolor, photography, print | Kayo Gallery | Salt Lake City, UT

2010 “Who is Bill Oolie?” | group | video | Oh Nancy: The Hideout at the GARFO Art Center | Salt Lake City, UT

2011 “Drawing Similarities in the Events of Recent History” | solo | photography | Stolen and Escaped Gallery | Salt Lake City, UT

2012 “Les Enfants Terribles” | group | photography | Fresh | Salt Lake City, UT

2012 “Who is Bill Oolie?” | group | video | Oh Nancy: Blank Land at the Torrence Art Museum | Los Angeles, CA

2014 “Innate Behavior” | w/ Sam Milianta | photography | Salt Lake City, UT

2017 "Fan Mail" | group | photo | Seeing Things Gallery | San José, CA

2018 "Merely an Attempt to Understand" | solo | photography | The Stockist | Salt Lake City, UT


2009 The Beginning of Now by Jim Williams. Salt Lake City, UT

2012 akron/family press and album photos. Salt Lake City, UT

2013 Sundays Zine issue 13. Brooklyn, NY

2013 Contax Gang vol.1. Salt Lake City, UT

2013 Contax Gang vol.3. Salt Lake City, UT

2013 Find Rangers Zine vol.1 by Nighted. San Francisco, CA

2014 AMERTUME by Les Éditions Croque-Madamme. Lyon, France

2014 Find Rangers Zine vol.2 San Francisco, CA

2016 AMERTUME II Darkhands by Les Éditions Croque-Madamme. Lyon, France


2002 opening credits | Jumping for Joy

2004 assistant editor | Slow Moe

2008 assistant editor | The Assignment

2009 assistant editor | Snowmen

2010 editor | Must Come Down

2014 editor | The Strongest Man

2017 editor | Looking for David

2019 editor | A Name Without a Place

2019 editor | My Heart Can’t Beat Unless You Tell It To


2009 musical performance editor | The Five Browns

2012 online editor/post production supervisor | Granite Flats

2011 - 2015 online editor/post production supervisor | American Ride

2014 - 2019 editor | Taste Utah

2019 - present senior editor / post production supervisor | Monument


2010 editor/colorist | Nike Snowboarding Feed Me: A Greasebus Tour

2013 editor/colorist | Heart Coffee Roasters Brew Guides

2014 director/camera/editor/color | Saucesome presented by BigCartel